Friday, March 2, 2012

I Won't Ever Buy Bread at the Grocery Store Again!

We've lived in SE Michigan for about 6 months now and I pass by an Aunt Millie's Bakery Outlet all the time. I kept meaning to stop and check it out but I kept forgetting/the children were not cooperating etc. Well I finally made a trip the other day. All I can say is awesome! I got 2 loaves of bread (brand name wheat and a five grain) and a ream of 5 bagels for $2.87! Way cheaper than even the sale price on bread at the grocery store! The bread was $.89 a loaf! What! Crazy! They had a ton of different stuff in there from sweet treats to rolls, etc.

Check and see if there is a bakery outlet or thrift store near you. The prices can't be beat on bakery items and its the same quality stuff you'd buy at the grocery store. I throw most of the bread I buy in the freezer anyway so I don't worry about sell by dates anyway. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Really? It was alright? I went in there once, years ago, and got moldy bread. The package wasn't entirely transparent so I did not know until I got home. I guess I will give it another try sometime.