Saturday, June 20, 2015

Free Township/City Events

Since we've moved several times across several states for the last nine years, I always make it a point to seek out free community events in the area.  Not only do they load you up with all sorts of freebies (I got my favorite hat free at an event), but they can provide you with valuable resources and information for the area in which you live.

The Meet Your Local Community (fill in the blank) are really valuable because not only do you learn about things like neighborhood watch and numbers for the fire department/police but because you can learn about things that are offered free to residents (or you are already paying for in your taxes…).  My kids got to grab some donuts and some activity books and sit in some fire vehicles while my husband and I learned about neighborhood watch, vacation watch, the best way to control the TX mosquitos in our backyard and free engravers (to put identification numbers on your valuables if they ever get stolen) and paint kits (for painting your house number on the curb).  All of these things were very useful to us as newcomers to the community.

I encourage you to check out the websites for your local township or city and see what events they are holding (most of the time they are free!).  Educate yourselves on your community and build relationships with the emergency personnel where you live.  What do you have to lose anyway?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wholesale Shipped to Your Door? With Discounts and Rewards Points!?

I recently discovered  What is it?  It's a website that sells wholesale items without you having to pay a membership fee.  I love this as its a bit complicated to get to the wholesale clubs near me and doesn't justify me going for the few things I'd buy.

Are there discounts on items?  You bet!  They also have a rewards program where you earn points for credit on their website.  And there are some great discount codes for their website too.  I have yet to pay full price for an order.  Here's a code for a $15 credit just for signing up: QWXWS.

Their shipping is super fast too.  I put in an order around 3pm CST yesterday and my order will reach me here in TX from GA tomorrow.  They state that it usually takes 3-4 business days to receive your order.

All in all, I'm impressed.  I can get Annie's fruit snacks for my kids without paying close to $5 a box for 5 packets.  Thirty-six packets are $14.99 on sale right now!  I also stocked up on baking powder and condiments.   Need diapers?  They have them too!  They also carry Honest brand which is chlorine free and better for the environment.   If you live in select areas of Brooklyn or Manhattan they are also testing delivering perishable groceries (read: fruits and veggies, frozen etc.)  Check it out.  I love not having to drag my kids to the warehouse club and ending up with a whole bunch of stuff I didn't need….