Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deli Meat for Less!

I don't know if every Meijer does this but the one on Carpenter Rd. on occasion has deli meat that they must have over sliced for the day sitting in half pound packets in the cases with the gourmet cheeses and meats.  What's so great about this other than you don't have to wait to get it sliced?  Well, it's usually much cheaper per pound than the stuff you would have sliced at the counter.

I've gotten turkey for $1.99 a pound and today I got ham for $2.99 a pound.  Not only is it cheaper but it's definitely less processed than the packaged lunchmeat so we eat healthier at the same time.  Two for one!

The moral of this story is keep a lookout at your local grocery store or even ask the deli counter if they ever pre-slice meat for the day and have leftovers.  Might save yourself some dough.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cheaper and Healthier Popsicles

As summer starts to warm up, popsicles inevitably become a snack of choice for the kids.  The ones you buy at the store are great but they can be costly, especially if you want to buy 100% fruit or juice ones.  The cheaper pops are basically sugar water and dye.  While giving my kids these types of popsicles is ok every once in a while, I prefer to try to keep the popsicles as healthy as I can.

To make healthy popsicles I use my blender to blend yogurt and fruit together and pour the blend into ice cube trays.  I then put a toothpick in each cube and put them in the freezer to freeze.  That's it!  Nice and easy!  For my kids who are 1 and 3, these smaller popsicles are perfect because they usually can't finish a traditional popsicle anyway (too cold and too big).  You could easily pour your yogurt and fruit blend into a traditional popsicle maker too.  Either way, its cheaper and healthier.  You save money by not buying the commercialized pops and you know exactly what's in the popsicles because you made them yourself.  It's a win-win.