Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Online shopping

Whenever I decide I'm going to buy something online, I always look for ways to save money on my order. I recommend doing a Google search for coupon codes. Some of the websites that come up that are reliable are Retailmenot.com and couponcabin.com. I try all the codes listed that match the requirements for my order. I've gotten free shipping and up to 20% off my purchases doing this. It's definitely worth a shot to try if you have a couple minutes while placing your order.


  1. Have you checked into Upromise? They take a percentage on things you already buy and put it into a 529 plan. I started one for my son Dylan. You link your grocery cards and certain items will give you college savings. They also do online shopping, gas, and restaurants. You can also have members of your family sign up and help save as well.

  2. I looked into UPromise when we set up Jordan's 529. Definitely a good way to earn some extra money.