Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Restaurant.com via Big Tent

You know when you sign up for something because it's relevent to your life at the moment and then everyone stops using that website as a means of communication and you forget about it? Here is an example of this situation turning out to be a good thing...I joined Big Tent (a website for groups to post in forums, send messages, etc. The group stopped using it and last week I started receiving random emails about deals on restaurant.com from their website. Normally this would be annoying if it weren't for the promo codes that it listed in the email to get 70% off the already discounted price for gift certificates to some good restaurants in my area. I paid 3 dollars for a 25 dollar gift certificate! Talk about awesome! The emails I get from Big Tent are from thedealmap.com. They remind me of Groupon to some extent but they pull deals from all sorts of different companies offering deals in your city. Check it out.