Monday, March 19, 2012

Stubborn Stains: Part Deux

Ok, I'll admit it...I am guilty of bleaching a shirt (or two) by accident. The shirt must have gotten put on a surface that had bleach on it and the bright green shirt (and bright blue shirt...) now have some pure white spots....sigh...

There is good that has come out of this though! I created some new duds for my youngest! Here are a few before pictures (sorry they are not great since I forgot to take before shots before I "created" the new shirts...)

This is the green shirt with a gorilla on the front.

This is the bright blue shirt.

I decided the best way to "fix" what I did was to bleach tie dye the shirts. I took a paper towel soaked with bleach and blotted the shirts all over front and back. No rhyme or reason to it. Just what I thought looked good as the color started to fade. The blue shirt has a more subtle tie dye to it. The blue shirt had a huge stain on the front that I was trying to get out (hence how I accidentally got bleach on it in the first place...) The green shirt has a much bolder brighter white and green tie dye on it. I just used more bleach and occasionally dripped some bleach from the container on the shirt in places to get more defined white spots.

Here are the after pictures.

This is the green one. I think I like this one was the second one I did and I think I used too much bleach in places after I did the final rinse and then washed it. It looks a lot better than it did with just one section of bleach on it though...

This is the blue one. It came out great in my opinion. I like this one the best out of the two. You can't see the stain or where I dropped a little bit of bleach on it in the first place at all.

Why do this? I really wanted to salvage these shirts so they could be worn. I think they can be now. Cheap way to change a shirt into a new one too!

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