Sunday, January 13, 2013

For All the Students Out There

This post is for you!  My husband recently went back to school to get his PhD.  We don't have cable and I have two kids running around so often getting to the store for things other than groceries can be difficult.

We looked at getting an Amazon Prime membership but wasn't sure it was worth $79 to us at the time. However, we did find that my husband qualified for Amazon Student, which gave us a discount on Amazon Prime membership (only $39 for a of 4 years).  Half price?  It was a no brainer!

We've had Amazon Prime for a year and its been great!  We enjoy access to the instant videos on Prime which are free with our membership and free 2 day shipping.  With all the incentive groups out there (Swagbucks and E-Miles) that offer Amazon gift cards as prizes for earning "bucks" or for depositing miles, it makes it a no brainer too.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Get In Shape for Less

It's the New Year and that means resolution time!  I think its safe to say that almost everyone puts "lose weight" or some iteration thereof on their resolution list at least once in their lifetime.  So here are some tips to keep the cost low on your quest to be fit!

  • Check out workout DVD's from the library.  It's free!  No gym membership required!  My library even has some Zumba dvds.   
  • Search the web for workout videos.  You'd be surprised what you can find.  Try in addition to Youtube.  I've found some Zumba videos there...
  • Check out a membership to your local YMCA or Rec. Center.  Usually its less than $100 a year and it may include classes as well as gym and pool usage.  
  • When in Pinterest.  There are many things posted on getting in shape/losing weight on Pinterest and you may just find the blog/inspiration you've been looking for.  Here's a link to one of my boards that has some fitness stuff on it to get your started.  
Hope this helps you on your way to a slimmer/more fit YOU!  And Happy New Year!