Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Pinterest Winner!

My husband says to me the other night, "We need more granite cleaner." I tell him to put it on the list and I'll pick some up at the grocery store.  The next day I venture down the cleaning aisle and I can't find the granite cleaner I use anywhere!  All they have are wipes...expensive wipes.  So I continue looking for a moment and then remember that I pinned something for homemade granite cleaner.  Problem solved...I'll just make my own.

Here is the pin.  I left out the essential oil (I didn't have any).  I whipped up a bottle of this and I'm happy to tell you that it works great!  All it cost me was like $1 for the big bottle of rubbing alcohol I bought.  Way cheaper than a bottle of granite cleaner.  It only took 3 seconds to put it together too.  Awesome!

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