Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting More Bang for Your Buck

You know all those containers that contain items that you buy at the Big Box Warehouses? Why not get a little more use out of them? I have taken a few good plastic containers, cleaned them out and re-appropriated them to hold my son's toys. They could easily be used to house craft stuff or baking supplies or something as well.

First up I have a Tide Stain Release container. It is currently holding airplanes, dump trucks, and other small toys.

Next, I took an M&M cookie container (I bought the cookies on a "weak will" day...) and used it house some blocks. This could have easily been used for many different little items as well. What I like most about both of these containers is that you can see what is inside them because they are translucent/transparent.

I don't recommend keeping every single container you come upon. Those old Parkay containers, while they could be easily used for leftovers, confuse the heck out of someone trying to find butter in your fridge...Just my opinion though...if you wanna be super Green, then save as many containers as you can. Remember you can recycle a number of the plastic ones too, though...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Totally Random

This is totally random but I was thinking today that I unconsciously save myself money on our printer cartridges. When I print stuff out, I try to print in black and white (black ink cartridges are generally cheaper and bigger than a color one) and I almost always use the Quick Print setting to print (it uses less ink than a standard print). As a result, I don't have to buy new print cartridges as often since we, unfortunately, can't refill our ink cartridges because of the brand of printer we own :( Anyways, there is my random thought for the day...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shameless Plug for a Business I Love...

Ok, so this is kind of about saving money but mostly I just wanted to get the word out on a business located in Charlotte, NC that sells cloth diapers and other natural baby solutions. Jack Be Natural is awesome! They have great prices on diapers and other natural babying solutions (which since I've gone green, is actually saving me money in long run anyway...). They provide awesome customer service (handwritten notes, phone calls to ask if you have any questions, free samples of detergent, etc). They also provide some awesome deals on their website.

They are currently running a Mother's Day sale with free shipping on any order and a free Kawaii Minky floral diaper (just indicate your choice of color red, black, purple, or orange) with the purchase of 5 diapers. You can earn store credit (its like 15% cash back) with every purchase you make and it can be applied to any future order with them.

In this day and age it's so great to see a company with such great customer relations and I love being able to support a WAHM (work at home mom) and small business owner. Definitely check them out if you are in need of any diapering or natural baby supplies...