Friday, April 15, 2011

Bed Bath and Beyond Savings

This might be a "duh" moment for some but I thought I'd write about it anyway. Did you know that you can use expired 20% off and $5/$10 off coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond? Well, you can! And you can use more than one coupon per transaction too. I usually have a stash of these coupons that I get in the mail and in my email (the email ones do expire, unfortunately). I gather my stash when I head to the store so I'm fully equipped if I find a good deal on something else that I perhaps wasn't going there for necessarily.

While you are there, check the clearance towers. You never know what kind of goods you will find. Sometimes there are a lot of damaged goods but I often find things that are either the last one of something or a display or discontinued items. You can use your coupons on these items and get an even bigger savings. Just today I got 2 toothbrush holders (one for each of our bathrooms) for less than $3 a piece. I also found hand towels that matched my hall bathroom shower curtain for less than $4 a piece after coupon. I also found a display Sharper Image large room humidifier (retails for $99.99) and with my coupon, it cost me a grand total of $23.95! (That's cheaper than just about any other brand of humidifier in the store!) I somehow managed to kill one of ours a little while ago so it was nice to find one cheap!

I have found other great finds on the clearance rack while shopping there as well. (Somehow I always come across something that I was looking into getting anyway while I was there.) I've gotten sheet sets for less than $10 and Keurig K-Cups that had somehow gotten out of their box never to be reunited again (I paid less than 2 dollars for those....I forget how many it ended up being, but it was definitely cheaper than the unit price of one in their regular boxes). Keep on the lookout for great deals because you never know what you might find...

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