Friday, November 16, 2012

A Frugal Gift Idea for A Spouse/Significant Other

My husband and I usually skip gifts for each other at Christmas.  I mean, how fun is it when you both have the same credit cards and can check statements online for purchases made with the card?  In an effort to save money, we just don't do gifts.  Well, I've come up with an idea to keep the cost low (i.e. it's not costing me anything but my time) and provide my spouse a meaningful Christmas gift.

Putzing around on Pinterest, I found a pin for 12 Love Notes for Christmas.  I took a look at it and while I like her idea, I think it can be done cheaper and with better notes than the ones she provides for downloading and printing.

I have postcards lying around my house.  I'm taking 12 of them and on each one I'm going to write about significant, funny, sad, or interesting memories we each have but may have not thought about in a while on each one.  Some will be recounting of the story with a commentary on the event as I see it now and others will just be nice things that I feel like I never tell him enough.  I'll give each one to him 12 days before Christmas day.

Not only does this provide a no-cost gift.  It's one I know he'll love the best out of everything that he gets.  It never gets old or breaks and it truly comes from the heart.  And, best of all, Christmas lasts 12 days instead of just one!  I'm hoping this makes the Christmas season this year more special than in the past.

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