Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Extreme Couponing: An Opinion

Ok, so I finally saw an episode of Extreme Couponing. These people are insane. I saw a 16 year old boy stocking up on feminine products because they were "free." What in the heck is he going to do with them? I saw people with store rooms full of things that have expiration dates on them and the items were stacked so deep, there is no way they would ever use them before the expiration dates!

Extreme couponing doesn't necessarily save you money. I know as a mom, my time is money. If I have to shop at 8 different grocery stores to get stuff for "free," with both of my children in tow...its not worth it to me. There are so many other ways that I can spend my time--taking my kids to museums, exercising, walking the dog, playing at the park, etc. Not to mention the fact that I have now spent wear and tear on my car and used gas to get to those 8 grocery stores...All that "free" stuff is no longer "free."

The food that these people are getting for "free" is stuff that is really bad for you or stuff they'll never use (20 tubs of IcyHot, really?). If eating healthy is your goal then buying 30 Pringles chips isn't helping your case...

I pose the following alternative. Shop at one grocery store for a majority of groceries. Buy the sale items. Match coupons with those items when you can. Use the E-coupons if your grocery store offers them and stack them with manufacturer's coupons and sales. Buy local produce--cheaper and more environmentally friendly. If somewhere is having a good sale on one or two items you need, then by all means, if it fits in your schedule, stop and buy.

If you cannot resist the urge to extreme coupon (apparently, it's addicting...), all that stuff you get for "free" that you will never use, donate it! There are so many food banks and organizations to help people in need that could use non-perishables or feminine products or razors or toothpaste. Put the addiction to work for a cause.

End rant.

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