Friday, July 1, 2011

Great Deals at Food Lion

Being military, I don't shop at the commercial supermarkets as much since I have access to the Commissary. However, there are some great deals to be had at Food Lion if you do your shopping right! I always scan my MVP card at the coupon kiosk when I go in to the store, just to see what coupons it spits out for me. Today when I went, I got a coupon for a free item (no other purchases necessary!) Definitely worth taking the time to scan your card when you walk in. And if you don't need any of the coupons, leave them there for the next patron who may be able to use them. Good karma all around.

I've also found that you can find closeout items on their shelves. I've gotten tide pens, m&m's and baby food all super cheap. The best is when you can couple it with a coupon and sometimes you end up getting the items for free or "less than free" (the amount the coupon took off was more than the purchase of that particular item). I've done this with baby food and it definitely helps to keep some money in your pocket! Keep your eyes open the next time you go shopping at Food Lion.

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