Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Fun!

As the warm temperatures are becoming more frequent as we get closer to summer, your city is probably coming alive with events! You don't necessarily have to spend money to have fun though. There are a number of free events out there just waiting for you to discover them!

Check your local malls' website and the posted advertisements throughout the mall. I noticed today when I took my son to the play area at the mall that they are holding a free family fun event at the mall with face painting and games and other fun things. I also know that our mall does Friday night concerts (music, Chick Fil A usually hands out coupons, facepainting, etc.) outside the movie theatre when the weather starts to warm up so I'll be checking their website for that as well.

Check the website for your local Parks and Recreation. The city of Virginia Beach holds many family events starting with the Cherry Blossom Festival on April 2. All of the events are free to the public.

Check the your local newspaper or their website events calendar for events in your area. Our local newspaper has a calendar that lists events by date, description, place, and cost. Those that are free are marked as such.

Check your membership bulletins for the museums, zoos, and aquariums. There are a lot of events for families or different age groups included in these newsletters that are free with your admission (which is already paid for because you are a member) or discounted since you are a member.

Check with your local Town Center (if you have one). The Virginia Beach Town Center offers all sorts of free events (art exhibits/markets on First Friday, music on the weekends and Why Not Wednesdays event with booze, music and food). They also hold a farmers market once a week or so.

Don't forget about your local library for storytime and other events. They are usually all free and provide entertainment on those less than stellar weather days (rain or cold).

Got another idea of where to check for free/low-cost entertainment this spring? Add it in the comments!

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