Monday, June 7, 2010

House cleaning = $ or new things!

I hate when I'm cleaning and I come across all the dvd's and cd's that I don't listen to that I still have to dust. I came up with a solution to get rid of them while making a few bucks or trading them for dvd's or cd's I'll actually use. FYE (For Your Entertainment) here in Virginia Beach buys/trades used dvd's and cd's. Stores that do this are all over the place. Use the internet to find one near you.

The great thing about these stores is you can take them your dvd's and cd's you don't use and turn them into cash (a few dollars a piece) or store credit (a few dollars plus an added 25% on each item). I can get some new stuff while cleaning out the old stuff and not have to shell out money in the process! Admit it, everyone has that copy of the Baha Men's, Who Let the Dogs Out? that you never listen to anymore...

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