Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Land's End

If you have never bought anything from Land's End you are missing out. They have great clothes that are guaranteed (no matter what). I highly recommend shopping their overstocks (which are only online) for great deals. Their stuff washes up nicely and if you are ever dissatisfied you can take it back! You don't even need to send it back to the company, just drop it by your neighborhood Sears for a full refund!

And if that wasn't good enough to get you interested in checking out their stuff, they almost always offer free shipping! Most of their codes have a dollar amount you have to spend, however, if you get their catalogs, there are almost always Free Shipping codes that have no minimum you must spend on the inside cover insert...You can use them twice before the expiration date too (just in case you need to send stuff as a gift as well as send stuff to yourself as a present :)

It's a win-win situation. In the words of my sister-in-law Lindsay, "They are almost paying me to buy [them]!" You won't be disappointed...

P.S. If you have a USAA Rewards Credit Card, go to the USAA webpage and connect to their Rewards Shopping. Connect to Lands End through your credit card and get 4 points per dollar you spend in Rewards Points....Bonus!!!

The current free shipping coupon with no minimum is ISLAND PIN: 9172 expires 6/8/10

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