Saturday, July 30, 2016

Frugal Summer Fun

As summer vacation draws to a close (at least here it does), I've been thinking about the ways that I've been keeping my kids entertained all summer long (without breaking the bank…).

THE LIBRARY--has been huge for my kids this summer!  Not only did both of my boys get library cards, but they also offer many summer reading events throughout June and July.  We had a really awesome library system in MI that gave you points for books you read over the summer that you could turn in for prizes.  Check out your local library for the summer reading program near you!

THE DISNEY STORE--is offering Summer Play Days everyday all summer long (even after school starts back up here).  There are various events (story time, trivia, learn to draw etc.) that occur every day at the store for free.  At the end of each event, the kids are given a wrist band with a different Tsum Tsum character on it.  A new bracelet is available starting on Wednesday of every week.

POOL PASSES--Our township offers pool passes for residents to use the 14 or so township pools.  The cost for my family of 5 is about $140 total for all summer long.  With an admission of $6 per person per day, the season pass more than pays for itself and its a relatively inexpensive option once you shell out the initial amount.

MEMBERSHIPS--Use those memberships to museums.  You've probably already paid for them so all you need to do is pack a lunch and you've got a frugal, fun day/afternoon/morning planned.

PINTEREST--There are numerous ideas for keeping kids entertained on Pinterest.  My kids gave all of our Cars a bath the other day on the back porch and all it required of me was 2 deep pans filled with water and a water/soap mixture.  I saw an idea for a marble maze that looked pretty awesome too that we might try (once I get a large box to use).

PLAYDATES WITH FRIENDS--We have gotten together with numerous friends from school and church all summer long too.  Gather some phone numbers for friends (or neighbors) and text and set up some playdates.  I've found that if I do the initiating (which is often the hardest part for some…), its super easy to find some friends to hang with (and most of the moms are appreciative that you reached out).

I'm sure there are some other great ideas that I've missed but hopefully this list is a great starting place.  Happy Summer!

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