Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maternity for Less

So I'm in the home stretch of my third pregnancy and while my first two pregnancies were over the winter months, I had to purchase some summer maternity wear this time around.  I had tried the resale outlets around us and had no real luck in my size and what I needed.  I hit up Old Navy as they are generally cheaper for clothing in general than some other retailers.  I couldn't believe the prices on some of their maternity stuff.  I was able to find stuff on sale in the past in their maternity section when we lived in another state but the store nearest me here had absolutely nothing on sale.  So where did this leave me?

I had a brilliant idea while standing in the middle of store.  I made a beeline for the back of the store to the clearance section and searched for shirts made of stretchy material a few sizes larger than what I would normally wear (to accommodate a growing belly).  I was able to find 4 tank tops for about $2 each after my 10% off coupon!  I'm still wearing them now at 34 weeks pregnant and they have turned out to be an awesome buy.  

Pants are a bit trickier but anything stretchy and low rise (so your belly can grow) works pretty good too.  You may have to get something in a size or two larger to fit the best and the longest during your pregnancy.  

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