Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Greening Your Babies

I know I've written about this before (in a more brief way) but I thought I'd write something a bit more in depth now that I'm fully committed.  Right before my second child was born I looked into using cloth diapers because a friend of mine on Facebook had mentioned they were going to do so.  I did all kinds of research and decided what we were going to use and just went for it when the diapers I bought fit my little guy (right around the month and a half mark).

My little guy is now 25 months old and we are still holding strong.  I purchased some Bumgenius 4.0's at the very start of our cloth diaper journey and they are still holding strong 2 years later!  I have maybe 20-24 diapers I use on a regular basis doing laundry every 3 days or so.  It is by far the easiest laundry I do since none of it really requires folding and I don't put the covers in the dryer.  The best part is I'm not laying out 40 dollars plus a month in diapers either!

I purchased most of our diapers on a buy 5, get 1 free promotion that Cotton Babies was running.  This promotion is currently running again if you are interested in getting some diapers.  So I saved money there and I bought some baby cloth washcloths at the dollar store for wipes which saves me on disposable wipes too.  (Might as well since I'm doing the laundry anyway).

Not only am I saving money by cloth diapering but I am helping to save the environment by placing fewer disposables in the landfills.  It really is very easy to do and the cost in the long run is proving to be far cheaper than diapers (especially since I'll be able to use these diapers on multiple children).

Interested in cloth diapering?  Check out Cotton Babies, Cloth Diaper Geek, and Jack Be Natural for great tips and information on how to get started!

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