Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Laundry Trick

It never children always manage to get something on their clothes that makes a dark spot on the clothing when it comes out of the laundry.  For some reason the laundry detergent just doesn't cut it to get this spot out.  Neither does any Oxiclean, etc.

I did some digging online and decided to try putting some dishwashing detergent on the spots.  Would you believe that more often than not, the spot comes out?  I've tried using this on oil stains as well with good results.  You just have to make sure you put it on like right after you spill a bit of oily stuff on yourself....otherwise, it doesn't come out as well.  I've used both Palmolive and Joy (what I had on hand) although I imagine that Dawn is probably the best...

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