Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shopping Out of Season

I have my son's entire wardrobe (minus a winter coat) set for next Fall and Winter. Am I nuts by buying ahead? It's certainly a risk since he's a toddler and growing very quickly but I've been pretty good at guessing about where he will be size-wise and shopping ahead for his clothes. You end up hitting all the clearances and whatnot. I recommend hitting up JCPenney when they do their 80% around this time and around the end of August and beginning of September for great deals on kids' clothes. I got my son's wardrobe for about 3-4 dollars a piece of clothing (long sleeve tees were less than 2 dollars or so a piece). I also check out the clearance rack at Carter's (especially when they do an extra 30% off), and the clearance stuff at Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, and TJMaxx/Marshalls. You can get some great deals. I've gotten shorts for a dollar! Check it out!

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